Splice Machine, United States

Oracle PL/SQL to Splice Machine

Splice Machine, United States

Eric Kalabacos

Vice President, Customer Solutions

September 15, 2015

As part of an extensive project we were faced with a complex migration task that was vital to the successful deployment of our database server technology in an end users production environment. Several hundred thousand lines of business logic written in Oracle PL/SQL needed to be migrated to work with the Splice Machine database server technology. Through the cooperative efforts of the technical and business teams at Ispirer, Splice Machine was provided with a high quality toolset that was extremely effective in allowing us to meet our important business objectives.

At the onset of the engagement the Ispirer Toolkit was expanded to meet the specific requirements of our migration prior to being delivered for our use. Once this phase of the project was complete we were provided with the expanded toolkit. The Toolkit has enabled us to automatically and accurately migrate the entirety of the Oracle PL/SQL business logic codebase on time and on budget.

As our company is a database developer we especially appreciate the experienced and highly responsive professionals at Ispirer Systems. The Ispirer project manager and migration specialists were easy to work with and they responded to all our requests for technical support accurately and without delay. We kept Ispirer informed of the PL/SQL conversion project status and received professional support and consulting whenever it was required.

The Ispirer team is committed to customer satisfaction and it was a pleasure to work with all of them. We highly recommend Ispirer as an excellent provider of database and application migration solutions, especially to those who have an Oracle PL/SQL to Java migration requirement.


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